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Large and Small Extensions

Making better use of space you already own.

Maximising your existing space

Why extensions make sense

  • Making better use of your existing garden land, your loft space and optimising your interior layout makes room for a home that matches your expanding family and changing lifestyle.
  • By extending wisely, you invest wisely. A properly conceived extension project will add to a home's value.
  • Extending also makes economic sense. You avoid Stamp Duty and the other legal and logistical expenses of buying and selling, and those savings may on their own pay for a considerable portion of an extension.
  • Extending also makes social sense. You avoid the disruption of changing schools, leaving behind friends and relations, and re-establishing links to clubs, pubs, social organisations and favourite activities. What price do you put on those?

You benefit from Smart Build's experience

Smart Build has the skilled tradesmen, knowledge of building processes and the construction experience to tackle the full range of extensions from simple additions to the most ambitious of extensions and loft conversions. Smart Build’s experience benefits you in several extra ways.

Help making design decisions

Design Decisions

How big should the extension be? How do you keep the correct balance within living spaces, such as between bedrooms and bathrooms, and between house, parking and garden? Is an extension project the logical time to do renovations throughout?

Working through regulatory procedures

Regulatory procedures

Can your project be realised under Permitted Development Rights or do you need Planning Permission? What aspects of the build are subject to Buildings Regulations? Will you want Building Regulations Approval or a Buildings Notice?

Solving the technical constraints

Technical constraints

How do your plans affect foundations, drainage, ventilation, heating plant and utility supplies? What are the soil conditions and the effect of surrounding trees?

Organising and managing logistics


Do you have access for the unloading and storage of building materials for both internal and external works such as beams, blocks, girders and guttering?

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