Case Study...

Chimney Replacement on a Grade II Listed Building, Wotton Village, Northampton

This house was Grade 2 listed and therefore any significant work or alteration needed to gain Listed Building Consent.

Rebuild or restore

We requested the local authority inspectors to come on site and inspect the condition of the chimney to assess whether they were happy to restore or completely rebuild. Together we decided that the chimney was leaning too much and would need rebuilding.

Because of our experience working with listed buildings and restoration, we were able to discuss and assess with the inspectors what needed to be done. We talked about where to source and how to best match the stone quoins to the opposite original chimney. We discussed the various mortar consistencies to best match the colour of the house that would also resist weathering over time.

Dismantling and rebuilding

The chimney needed to be carefully taken down to save as much of the original stone as possible. The quoins were significantly damaged. We accurately measured every quoin and one of our masons made new quoins to replicate the originals in a Bath stone. 

The texture and colour of the bath stone matched in perfectly with those on the original chimney. Some of the original ironstone was salvaged but roughly half was too badly damaged and replaced with new iron stone supplied locally.

Sensitive restoration

The effect of the rebuild enhances but blends in with the original building. We feel that as a company we have the experience to deal with the restoration and rebuilding of old and listed buildings in a methodical and sensitive manner to achieve fantastic results.

Project at a glance

  • Listed Building Consent required
  • Chose to rebuild with agreement of local authority inspectors
  • Recovered as much original stone as possible
  • Our mason made new quoins to match
  • Some new ironstone supplied locally
  • Methodical processes and well-chosen materials resulted in a sensitive rebuild that should last for centuries.

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