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Stonework and Brickwork

No materials make as dramatic an impression as brick and stone.

Stone and brick for tradition, beauty and durability

Homes featuring exterior brickwork and stonework convey a rich sense of tradition and harmony with their Northamptonshire and nearby Bedfordshire surroundings. Both brick and stone are compatible with today’s need for energy efficiency, and their durability make them lower maintenance than most other materials.

Brickwork and stonework specialists

Stone and brick figure in nearly all Smart Build projects. We have a particularly talented team of bricklayers and stonemasons, and they are experts in all aspects of working with these materials, such as:

  • building, detailing and pointing in traditional styles
  • creation of one-off individual designs
  • matching and sourcing heritage stone and brick
  • recovering and reusing salvageable materials
  • repairing and replacing damaged bricks and stones
  • creating new stone or brick fireplaces and hearths.

We’re extremely proud of the style and quality we can achieve and our ability to blend new and old. Have a look in particular at this project to create matching Limestone bay windows and this one to create a new house in traditional Northamptonshire Ironstone.

Listed buildings with brick and stone

Smart Build’s skills for working sympathetically with brickwork and stonework are vital when working on listed buildings. We work closely with client and planners to ensure the right materials are chosen and the detailing is accurate. Through our network of contacts and specialist trades we match materials and techniques as closely as possible. And when we are done, the finished product is nearly indistinguishable from the original.

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