Ask Smart Build to refurbish your home or commercial premises.

Updating the look and fabric of your home

Even when more space is not the issue, the time may still come when it’s essential or desirable to renew and replace parts of your home or business premises. 

Three of the most compelling reasons for renovating

Repurposing of spaces

Introducing new uses to old spaces is an important reason to renovate. Not all lifestyle changes require an extension. Is it time to turn an underused reception room into a media room? Should the box room be turned into a home office? Would converting the garage give you the extra guest bedroom you need?

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Repairing dilapidations

Over time, wear and tear take their toll. Although tired and dated looking rooms and exteriors sometimes motivate a bout of renovation for aesthetic reasons, more often than not, people decide to renovate or repair for functional reasons such as:


  • Damaged and leaky roofs
  • Crumbling brick or stonework
  • Defective chimneys
  • Rotten window and door frames


  • Unreliable, possibly dangerous, wiring
  • Leaky plumbing and blocked drains
  • Ineffective heating
  • Loose bathroom tiles
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Technical updating

The minimum in renovation involves returning a dwelling to a watertight, draft-free, safety hazard-free environment. However, advances in building materials and technology turn the most basic refurbishment project into an opportunity for technical upgrades involving elements like:

  • Insulation
  • Energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling systems
  • Fire and access security systems
  • Internet access wiring
  • Low maintenance material

An important element of technical updating is that it can be self-financing over time. Even if you are not renovating to repair wear and tear, making technical upgrades to your home may be justified on cost grounds alone.

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Smart Build renovates

Renovation package

Smart Build can deploy all the skills and experience it uses on new builds and extensions to handle elements of refurbishment either individually or as a comprehensive renovation package, which might include:

  • rewiring and replumbing
  • insulation
  • underfloor heating
  • wood and tile flooring
  • staircases
  • fireplaces, chimneys and hearths
  • doors and windows
  • underpinning 
  • roofing
  • exterior cladding, including stone and brick

Have a look at some renovation projects from Smart Build


Sometimes the best renovations are really restoration. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, 20’s, 30’s deco, mid-century modern: people love period features from just about every decade in the last 200 years and want to keep them. The renovation task becomes one of restoring an element faithfully to its original glory while rectifying any structural or aesthetic wear and tear. 

When a building is a listed building, you almost always have no choice but to restore. Smart Build’s attention to detail and experience with heritage and listed buildings make us ideal partners for restoration projects.

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