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Enlargement and Remodelling

Doubling the size of a house and transforming it beyond recognition


Enlarging, remodelling and transforming a house beyond recognition

The clients on this build were experienced at remodelling. We worked with detailed drawings and specifications from their architects and structural engineers to produce a new house almost unrecognisable as remodelled and not brand new.

We replaced the old brickwork, reroofed entirely and doubled the size of the house with an extension. The new materials chosen had a heritage look very different from the original aspect.

We managed the project from ground works through a large amount of structual work and on to extensive internal renovations, including fitting the client-designed kitchen.

When a project involves a range of professionals – architects, surveyors, planners and engineers – it’s important the contractor communicates effectively with all of them. We pride ourselves in doing that extremely well so that our clients get the very best results. We are pleased to have achieved a fantastic finish internally and externally for our clients here. 

Project at a glance

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The Full Story

Case Study: Doubling the size of a house in Boughton Northampton

This was a very exciting project to undertake. The property was in a fantastic village location and we had the opportunity to completely remodel it both internally and externally.

Mark and Sam had only just purchased the property but had a very clear idea of what they wanted and how they wanted to go about remodelling. This wasn’t their first project and they worked with their own architects and structural engineers to provide detailed structured drawings for us to work from.

The project involved several large extensions that wrapped around the majority of the existing building adding a vast amount of space and completely transforming the external facade. The original areas of the property that weren’t covered by the new extensions were clad in new brickwork and block work and render.

We completed key stages of the build including the ground works, drainage, superstructure, roof, structural work, kitchen and bathrooms.

Ground work excavations near trees

The majority of the excavation work for the footings was reasonably standard and dug to a depth of 1 metre. However there were a number of trees situated in the proximity of part of the new extension. We liaised with both the inspectors and structural engineers to ensure that the depth of footing adequately suited the ground conditions and surrounding area. It was agreed that we excavated down to a depth of two metres stepping up to one metre away from the trees.

Heritage looks for facade and roof

Mark wanted a heritage look to the mortar and brickwork. Using our extensive knowledge of various mortar combinations we provided test panels using white cement and hydrated lime to complement the brick design. The brickwork detail finished at joist height. We then layed block work ready to take a monocouche coloured render. This coloured render product requires no decoration or maintenance and offers a 10 year guarantee.

The existing roof and timbers were stripped and a new truss roof was fitted in its place. Thankfully the plot had adequate space for our crane contractors to lift the trusses. Not every plot has this luxury. We and our specialist contractors have the experience and knowledge to deal with the various complex lifting and space issues that building creates.

Our roofing contractors fitted the clay tiles and bonnets, providing a heritage look to match the brickwork. We added dye to the muck work on the roof to blend in seamlessly with the tiles.

Millimetre perfect kitchen fitting

The internal first fixing was carried out to detailed plans. Even with detailed plans in place we always run through the specifications in great detail with our clients, this planning and communication eradicates any grey areas or potential impracticalities.

The kitchen was designed by the clients, Mark and Sam, and our tradesmen worked to their designs to produce a stunning kitchen. The sleek curves and high gloss finish together with the oak floor provided a perfect combination. Our tradesmen believe in millimetre perfection and this commitment to detail shines through in the workmanship.

Planning and communication achieve best results

The house was transformed and sat perfectly within its surroundings. A large project of this nature requires detailed planning, structure and a high level of good communication between the tradesmen and customer to achieve the best results.

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